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She’s just married Chad Kroeger, from Nickelback. With a dress in black tulle. She only allowed Glamour Magazine to take photos of her.
In order to mislead paparazzis she did the wedding rehearsals wearing white (and the pictures are online). And only for Glamour Magazine she posed, the day before her wedding, inside the castle chosen for the reception. With long evening dresses, like a real star. Congratulations, Avril, Glamour loves you!

The lenses of her friend Mark Liddell exclusively for Glamour Magazine. Avril Lavigne (left) does the last check at the mirror, excited and happy, before leaving the villa in Cap d’Antibes and reach Chad at La Napoule Castle, where the wedding will be held. Then, inside the car (here, in the middle, Avril is waiting for her mother!). And, at right, the finishing touch, before showing up to Chad and to all the guests. Avril is wearing a black tulle wedding dress, designed by the filipino stylist Monique Lhuillier. Even the bouquet was black, made of roses.
In the next page, the wedding portrait for Glamour Magazine.

Avril’s fairy tale starts in a castle in the South of France: the ex punk princess marries her prince, Chad Kroeger, 38, frontman of the band Nickelback.
Avril is at her second wedding, in 2006 she married Deryck Whibley, leader of Sum 41. This wedding lasted 3 years and they divorced in September 2009.
It’s July the first, Canada Day, exactly one year after the engagement of the two canadians: she is wearing a chatelaine dress, in black tulle, designed by Monique Lhuillier (and she only let her friend Mark Liddell take pictures of her).
“I didn’t have clear ideas about the dress. I tried the one I picked only once and then I asked the stylist to change the color”, explains Avril Lavigne, who is full of surprises between the wedding, the new album coming out in September and the new single, Here’s to Never Growing Up, co-written with Chad. And she speaks about herself in first person.

My job made me grow up
“In the last decade I grew up in the world spotlight. I was 17 when I started. Now i’m almost 29 (her birthday is on September the 27th), i became a better performer, more adult. Traveling helped me a lot and I did so much experience in order to arrive here.
Specially, I learned to take control on my career. I’m multitasking: I write my own music, I program my tours, I opened up a foundation (Home : The Avril Lavigne Foundation) and I designed my own clothing line (Abbey Dawn – Coming soon!). I can have tens of people working for me and with me, but there are some things that I have to do by myself. Some phone calls for example: I am the one who has to speak with the one who decides, in order to get what I want. In conclusion, i’m very hands-on.”

How I became myself
“I was born under the sign of Libra and for this reason I’m always looking for balance. I work hard and I’m very down to heart. I learnt that sometimes I need to take some time to regenerate, to create a space in the hectic routine. I’m very creative and, if I’m at home, I love cooking and painting. It’s the way to have my me-time. Happiness is what really matters”.

What I’ll do in the future
“I don’t know exactly where I’ll be in ten years, but i’m sure that in forty years I’ll always be making music and designing my own collection. I’d love to act, try the set experience: I love photo shoots where I interpret a character. As this one for Glamour Magazine, where I feel like a chatelaine, a princess, a rock woman. And I love fairy tales, all of them”.

What I love about Chad
“When me and my husband first met, we immediately had fun. We started up as friends, working in a studio, ready to laugh about everything. Yes, Chad is a man who can make you laugh a lot, and always. We were, alone, in a studio, and we spent a lot of time together without seeing no one; therefor, little by little we got to know each others personality. And we found each other. Now i’m in love and I feel happier and more complete. Chad always surprises me with romantic actions, the ones every girl loves. For example: he sends me dozens of roses if I’m away, as it happened once, in New York. For him, I want to be seductive, and maybe surprise him with a romantic dinner. In these occasions I wear Chanel or Dolce & Gabbana dresses: perfect to feel sexier”.

I remain faithful to glam rock
“I love being different and a little over the top, when I dress up. For my first record, I opted for the skater style, with Converse and Dr. Martens: these were constant in my look. As it was black, my favorite color, and other rock and roll details. If i’m on stage or at a party, I choose Betsey Johnson dresses, personalized trousers and jackets from Stand and Deliver by Corey Parks, Helmut Lang or Heather Lawton.
For a red carpet I keep some classic punk elements, as boots or creepers, but reinterpreted by brands like Céline or Chanel. I always go for dark colors, rich and warm, I play with hair style and make-up. The black eyeshadow for the smokey eyes is a must.”

What I bring with me (also in my honeymoon)
“My favorite accessorizes are chains, not thick and showy, but thin as the ones of Vita Fede Jewelry. In my bag I always have my sun glasses, mobile phone, wallet and make-up. While in my luggage for my honeymoon I put sea dresses, hats and lots of body lotions… If I were in a desert island I couldn’t help but my favorite wine: Screaming Eagle”.

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